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Bonding with Tapes

3M offers a wide range of thin and thick double coated tapes and transfer tapes for your assembly solutions :

  • Double coated tapes and transfer tapes are often the solution of choice in many diverse markets such as point-of-sale displays, furniture, signage, textile and stationery. Adhesive transfer tapes can be used with the 3M ATG dispenser. This system combines easy handling, accuracy and speed of operation for all your assembly applications.
  • Thick, very durable and with a strong initial tack, double sided foam tapes provide excellent adhesion to most surfaces.
  • 3M high performance VHB foam tape ensures high initial adhesion, compensates for differential expansion of materials and resists shocks for sustainable and economic assemblies.
Bonding Tapes

Advantages of bonding with tapes:

  • The variety of technical products to meet all requirements, for example; temperature resistance, adhesion to low surface energy substrates, resistance to chemicals.
  • Different thicknesses available to compensate for the gaps between panels.
  • Specific adhesives for high initial adhesion and long lasting performance.
  • Limits risk of corrosion by eliminating traditional mechanical fasteners and improves aesthetics of your application.

Assembly of flexible keyboards

3M Double-Coated Membrane Switch Spacers feature various thicknesses of adhesive and PET carrier for multiple industry-standard, high-performance requirements.

The 3M hi-performance acrylic adhesive 200MP provides the assurance your switch will perform through difficult environmental conditions and millions of actuations.

Assembly of low surface energy plastic parts

3M new 360 quick bonding adhesive was developed to bond to different low surface energy materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and powder coated parts.

Final adhesion performance is unmatched on different low surface energy materials.

This range is available in transfer tapes as well as double sided tapes. They are ideal for assembly in demanding markets such as automotive, electronics, point-of-sale, ...

Assembly of plastic parts for POS displays

These High Performance Double Coated Tapes combine very high levels of adhesive peel and shear performance and are used in various general industrial applications.

The tapes differ in carier but all use the same adhesive system that provides good adhesion to both high and low surface energy substrates.

The silicon paper liners are all colour coded in order to ensure quick and accurate identification of the products, and the liners all exhibit an easy release system designed to aid assembly.

Assembly of stiffeners on facades

3M high performance VHB tapes are used to bond on panels for facade applications.

This adhesive provides quick and clean assembly without any waste.

Assembly of wooden frames with 3M ATG dispenser

3M ATG 700 dispenser combines usability, manageability, precision and speed of operation for all your assembly applications.

Different adhesive transfer tapes can be used with this dispenser depending on the application.

924 is a multi-purpose tape, ideal for the assembly of paper and cardboard.

969 has a high adhesion to most plastics and rubbers and a good temperature resistance, and 928 is used in applications requiring repositionability.

Attaching mirrors

3M Scotch-Mount open-cell polyurethane foams allow the flow of air and water, avoiding traces of mold and moisture behind panels or mirrors.

This tape is designed for applications in humid environments and provides excellent high temperature resistance (up to 200 °C peak).

Attachment of nameplates

3M™ Adhesive 200MP is a popular choice for graphic attachment and membrane switch applications because it has excellent quality, consistency and durability.

In addition, 3M adhesive 200MP also offers excellent performance characteristics like clarity, excellent high temperature performance and resistance to harsh environments (solvents, weak acids and bases and salt water, cleaning solutions, germicides, disinfectants, oils), 467MP & 468MP have superior shear strength and are provided with lay-flat liner for improved dimensional stability.

Bonding of frames

3M VHB tapes can replace welding or mechanical fasteners for bonding of stiffeners on the back of panels or mounting panels on a main frame.

Reclosable Fastening

3M Reclosable Dual Lock systems are backed by a rubber foam or acrylic adhesive.

They allow you to make invisible temporary attachements without worrying about drilling or screwing. Depending on your needs, 3M offers various versions that can be opened and closed up to a thousand times.

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