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Chemical and Petrochemical Filtration

Chemical Production

Chemical manufacturers around the world depend on 3M Purification’s advanced filtration technologies for efficient contaminant removal and enhanced equipment protection. Our filtration products significantly lower production costs while helping to provide the highest quality, contaminant-free final product. For all your chemical processing filtration needs – from demineralised water to the most select grades of fine chemicals, 3M Purification have solutions that can assist in optimising your processes.

3M Purification is a key provider of separations equipment to the chemical and petrochemical markets, from the treatment of the raw materials, to the production processes and right through to the final polish filters required.

We supply our solutions to a diverse range of organic and inorganic applications which rely on our filters for their enhanced chemical compatibility, ease of use, and consistent in operation performance.

3M Purification focuses on delivering installations which optimize the total cost of filtration by maximizing filter life whilst maintaining a consistent level of performance. This ensures that our customers can consistently achieve their demanding quality specifications whilst reducing production downtime, product scrap / re-work levels, generated waste, and energy consumption rates.

Our experienced Sales and Engineering staff are happy to assist in supplying the solution best suited to your needs, whether that be from our broad range of depth filter cartridges (, 3M™ Betapure™ NT-TE, 3M™ Micro-Klean™ RB or ), pleated filters () or bag cartridges and filters (3M™ DF Series or ).

Housings applicable for this solution are : , 3M™ CT Housings, , and 3M™ WTB Housings.

General Chemical Production

From the production of general household chemicals to those used in large water treatment and offshore applications, 3M Purification have established themselves as a key supplier of separations equipment to consistently deliver fluid quality that consistently meets your customers required specifications.

Our filters are employed in such areas as :

  • Raw material and utility supplies
  • Catalyst removal
  • Protection of heat transfer equipment
  • Protection of critical pumps and valves
  • End of pipe quality targets
  • Product transfer and loading.

Given the wide range of chemical fluids and applications, 3M Purification can offer a customized solution whether that be from our broad range of depth filter cartridges (, 3M™ Betapure™ NT-TE, 3M™ Micro-Klean™ RB or ), pleated filters (3M™ 700 series, 3M™ High Flow) or bag cartridges and filters (3M™ DF Series or 3M™ NB series).

Resin Production

As a base chemical used in the preparation of a full spectrum of plastic and coating products, the resin production facilities rely heavily of consistently high levels of filtration to ensure the quality of their products.

Many serious end-user defects can be caused by the presence of hard resin particles, residual metal catalysts or fibres.

3M Purification supplies many of the key resin producers on a global basis with filtration solutions to ensure the effective removal and retention of any unwanted contaminants from the resins hence ensuring that the customers maintain their high level of production quality. Typically we supply the resin plants with our depth filter products such as , or 3M™ Micro-Klean RB, often in a self enclosed system CUNO™ CTG Series to further enhance the operations of the customers plant.

Aggressive and Volatile Chemicals

In the production of aggressive or volatile chemicals (such as Agrochemicals, Acids, bases or Solvents) it is reassuring to rely on 3M Purification’s range of extended life filters in conjunction with our enclosed systems to maximise operational life (hence minimising downtime and operator exposure) and offer cleaner and safer ways to handle and minimise the waste generated.

We have many customers who have benefited from reduced processing times, quicker and easier changeout of filters, less waste for disposal, energy consumption reductions and an improved environment for their operators to work in.

3M Purification has a full range of filters and filter housings to meet the demands of your challenging applications from such products as our broad range of depth filter cartridges (3M™ Betapure™ AU, 3M™ Betapure™ NT-TE, 3M™ Micro-Klean™ RB or ), pleated filters (, ) or bag cartridges and filters (3M™ DF Series or ). For minimum operator exposure a lot of our solutions can be configured in our self enclosed system (CUNO™ CTG Series) to further enhance the operations of your process plant.

To discuss any of these applications or your specific requirements with one of our trained technicians contact us