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3M™ Temperature Logger TL-Series

Features, design and software information…

temperature logger


  • Multiple-use, re-programmable device can be re-used for up to 1 year 
  • Robust design stands up to vibration and exposure from the elements and is rated NEMA 3X; conforms to EN 12830 for shipment of perishable goods
  • Dual Time zones (relative to GMT) are automatically recorded for both origin and destination locations. Global shipping made easier with detailed time zone and daylight savings time built into system
  • Device can be programmed to start automatically or manually
  • User can program upper and lower temperature limits, interval between temperature readings, and duration of temperature monitoring
  • Additional options include alarm activation, LED display and delayed start/stop
  • Small design combined with unique bright blue color make it both versatile and easy to locate
  • Multiple and Unique attachment methods from 3M make it easy to incorporate the TL series into your shipments

temperature logger


  • Bright blue for easy visibility
  • Small in size; smaller than 3" x 2" x 0.5"
  • Receiver can check for temperature excursions by pressing “Check” button. A green light signals no temperature excursions occurred

temperature logger


  • Easy-to-use programming and reporting features — “Anyone can use it”
  • Software offers interactive “one click” graphing tool
  • Multiple languages available
  • Report generation can be customized
  • Reports can store comments and/or a digital picture, such as a logo or photo showing shipment conditions to customize your reporting documentation
  • Data can be exported via Microsoft® Excel as a standard worksheet or in a comma-delimited text format. Shipping information, such as a bill of lading number or a purchase order number, can be recorded
  • Password protection provides increased data security

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